Thursday, January 17, 2013

Went to See Wedlock The Band

When I went to see Wedlock, it reminded me of all the times I had watching some of my favorite bands. The performance was so much fun and they really knew how to entertain us while on stage. I found that most people were rocking out right next to them as well which really inspired me through out the whole experience.

Have you ever went to a Wedlock performance? It's something that you truly can't forget about. Its a great feeling knowing that you can wait so long to find a small band like them that rocks as hard as the popular bands. You can hear most of their songs on sound cloud which is awesome. I try to listen to them once a day or so, just to support and the fact that I love the must so much as well.

Make sure that you check this band out because you will find yourself singing along right away. Their lyrics and everything is perfect. I can relate to their songs as well which is something that I really like about them. Most music I listen to needs to have that type of connection between it all.

Remember that you can see them to and they have some pages that I personally would love you guys to check out.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Durarara!! Review is Together!

Durarara!! is becoming more and more intense as the season goes on. I want to show you guy`s! I went ahead the other day and wrote a Full Durarara Review. It`s simple, Durarara has became on of the most thrilling and largest Anime`s to have "escaped" japan.

Yes, Durarara feel through Japan before being aired and America was able to view/air it first. This was extremely exciting because usually Japan is ahead of us with watching and releasing anime. Well, it turns out that America got their hands on it first. It air`s on Adult Swim every Saturday night! (Anime Night)

In my Review I explain the character`s the storyline and more.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fan Art - Aisaka

Here is a piece of work from a girl who loves to draw! I asked her if I could post this on my Blog to show you guy`s that with a little bit of time and hard work you can make something like this. She Loves to express her self through drawing picture`s like this. She uses the Anime style of it all to get things together. 

Words can be so powerful, but in this artwork it shows that actions mean just as much!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ever Wonder if You can Change the Anime World?

So I have been thinking and I thought of something that I wanted to share with you guys. Its simple but intense and something that we should all think about once in a while. Have you ever wanted to Affect the way/future of an Anime/Manga?

 Basically, I have this little dream that I wanted to share with you guys. I want to support an Anime (Any Anime) and share to as much people as I know! then to take all those people and make them support it just as much as I am.

 Having all these people share this one Anime would be incredible. Then the more people who watch and support this anime will determine the faith of it. For example, an Anime with lots of views and many comment`s/tweets/blog posts, about the series is a successful anime to the creators.

 This means that the rating are going to be high and can determine if there would be another season or possibly a movie of the anime. I feel like the reason why anime`s stop being produced is because the viewer moves on and doesn`t want it.

If their`s no Demand for it so why should they supply it nor support it?
So I guess what I am "Ranting" About is the fact that, I want to support the Anime world, and The ways I show my support is through blogging about it.

 I also tweet and Update my statue on facebook about anime all the time. It`s so important to me, to spread the Anime Love. If you want to support then go ahead and support their are many ways to support a simple way is just watching it.

  Watching Anime

 Watching Anime is a great way to support the Anime World, When you watch it your giving the producers a reason to make more. Again, Supply and Demand!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Halloween: Candy, Candy and lots of Japanese Candy!

Halloween is coming are you ready for this Sweet adventure? So let`s try having an Anime Halloween this year? What is that well it`s a way to support and show off your hobby! I did it last year and I want to tell you all about it!

Basically, Your Cosplaying! it`s easy and very fun one your "Costume" is made. So for the Anime Fan`s That don`t know what Cosplaying is let me explain. First up! Cosplaying is you dressing up (putting on a costume) of any character in any anime or manga series you have read or watched before. You dress up to look exactly like the anime character you want to. 

So Anime Halloween is on the day of Halloween in October when you walk the neighborhood dressed up as your character you picked from the anime or manga series you wanted to.

 Now, True story guys! Last year I went around with some of my friends and I dressed up as "Mello
" Fom Deathnote. That Anime and Manga Series is one that I could Die for (Not completely..) But any who, I walked my town all dressed up in a Whig and everything. Some people even thought I was a girl because I had super tight clothing on ... 

I looked like this!! and As much fun as it was in the end I wanted the candy! Which brings me to the topic I wanted to share with you all. Did you know that Amazon sell`s Japanese Candy? I got some and it was awesome! ... Sorry about that random thought .. 

Anyway`s Japanese Candy is outstanding you have to have some anyone think so?

I mean look at the way they package everything? I would totally want to buy something like this! right? 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How important is Anime Night?

So here is the question everyone :  

How Important is Anime Night to an Anime Fan?

Well, for My answer I feel that it is extremely important to watch Anime and have an Anime night in fact it`s so important that I find it completely weird if you do not have some type of Anime Night? Are you a Real Anime Fan then?

What your thoughts on this? Though

Anime Night is a tradition from were I come from.. Its like what I would say bigger than the super bowl and american idol together in my house. I have it at least once a week and most of the time It is way more. I go on netflix when I dont have any work or have some time to burn and watch Anime episodes just because I can and It`s so much fun. Anime is a Stress Killer in fact they say it is healthy for you.

Stress can kill everything so make sure that you can take care of that. My advice to that as of right now is that watching anime will get your mind off of things and it will make you smile! I personally went through this type of stuff and Now I want to share with the world of Anime that it is so important to keep watching anime.

"Anime will always love you back, it will never leave you"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anime Seasons - Which do you like?

Well, Anime these days in Japan and America both get produced fast in fact Japan has a system that they follow to know when the next anime will premier and be airing. Anime episodes has a way to be added all up and to determine when the series will end. Such as how much Episodes will be in a season and how much seasons will be created. Now, the system is a little different for Anime Movies, these days because it takes so much time to make them and so much time for them to be published. This is ok though because with Anime being produced left and right these days that will keep most of the Anime Lovers busy for it all. 

When Anime Movies are being pushed out from Japan it usually increases the amount of Anime series that are being published as well. They kind of work off each other for support in a way. Lets use the Anime One Piece  as an example. When One piece was being set up and Japan was making more and more seasons and episodes for it. The viewers became more and more excited about it and wanted some type of Anime Movie to come with it. Anime lovers at the time would do anything to get there hands on an Anime movie of a famous Japanese Anime. One Piece soon started to produce Anime Movies and this gave a huge boost to the Ratings. See how they all work together? Well that is what I was trying to show you. 

Anime Can be very influencing , be sure to take a look into Anime Works. Also, The thing I wanted to go over was how do you guys feel about Anime Seasons? Which season is the best one for you? I believe that the best season for Anime is summer because one, better anime seem to be aired in the summer. And Two, I tend to have more time Working on my Anime Blog, and Watching Anime all together. It just seems like I can have more fun in the summer with anime then in any other season. Now I admitt that an Anime Season like the winter is nice as well. I love th colder weather and when you mix hot coco and Hot chocolate with Anime and a blanket well it feels really good. Oh, and don`t forget having some nice cookies with milk while watching anime for a few hours straight!

It is so important to have this type of stuff together in time for the new season as well! What is summer for? is such a great question when it comes down to it because they use the summer time to make more and more anime, and that is one way we support them we watch and read more anime and manga in the summer time because we have time off to do so. This is what helps grow the community and expand anime all over the place! I am glad to be apart of the community and I hope that you guys are just as much as I am! I try to blog about anime as much as I can because it is so important to me.

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